About me


  Dutchie was founded in the virtual world Second Life® in 2007
  by Froukje Hoorenbeek,  3D artist from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  Dutchie specializes in beautiful, easy and fun interactive 3D
  furniture and houses. All mesh models on this website are for sale
  inside Second Life® and on the Second Life® Marketplace.

  Dutchie's models are made with Autodesk Maya, the textures come
  from SL texture creators and are worked on in Adobe Photoshop.
  Animations are mostly made by SL animators, otherwise selfmade
  with Poser. The furniture runs with AVSitter scripts.

  When artwork is used in designs, it comes mostly from the
  Rijksmuseum collection, the Wikimedia Commons collection
  or own pictures and work.