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The Study, with femdom and maledom clubchairs

Hide from the winter cold in the warmest, most inviting room of the house, curled up in your favorite chair, surrounded by hundreds of books, rereading your favorite novels while gently swirling delicous wine in your glas and watch the flames dance in the cozy iron cast fireplace.

The mesh moustache club chair and the wingback chair come in two versions, pg or adult, and are the P.E. of 5 prims. The pg versions each have 10 female and 10 male animations and 3 wearable items. 

The adult chairs are new versions of Dutchie's femdom and maledom chair. Each holds 10 single and 80 very hot couple animations and 4 sequences. 

There are 6 different library bookcases, 3 wider and 3 slimmer parts, giving a a lot of variation in the textures. The wider parts are the P.E. of 4 prims, the slimmer parts of 3 prims. 

The cast iron fireplace is the P.E. of only 3 prims. 

Come see the study and try the chairs for yourself at Dutchie furniture or Dutchie adult!