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Colonial bedroom with canopy bed, vanity, asian art and wearable towel

Teak canopy bed 

This romantic antique four-poster canopy bed, made from hand carved Indonesian teak, not only makes a wonderful focal point in any bedroom, it is a also a great furniture piece to relax, work or entertain on. The cracked wood has a lovely yellowish-brown hue with an excellent grain and texture, the blanket can be changed into 8 colors, the wood into 3 different textures and the bed is packed with the smoothest, cutest, most exiting, longest high quality animations in SL. Available in 3 versions. 10 to 15 prims.
More pictures can be found on my Flickr

Teak vanity
 Antique teak vanity that combines timeless charm with modern day functionality. The vanity holds 11 single animations like brush hair, dry hair, put on lipstick, body lotion and make up, moisturize, shave, polish nails and more. 6 prims.

Screens, vases, wardrobe, table, books and orchid
Chinese vases, Japanese framed folding screens, handcarved Indonesian folding screen, teak wardrobe and bedside table, old books and a white orchid, all between 1 and 3 prims.

Wearable towel
Soft rigged mesh white towel in 6 sizes.

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