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Dutchie animation huds in male and female versions

This is not an ao, it's a tool which gives you fast and easy access to all your great roleplay, dance and other fun animations. Simply wear the animation hud, it will attach as a small button to your screen. Wait for it to load, and click away!

The huds are available in 3 male and 3 female versions: social, social+adult and social+adult+sub. The social huds are filled with 40 animations: 20 dances, 10 party animations and another 10 that are just great fun.

The adult huds each have the dances, party and fun animations, plus another 10 erotic solo animations. The adult/sub huds have 80 animations in total, all above plus 30 more for roleplay.


Each hud has room for 100 animation buttons, divided into 10 categories. This ensures that your favorite animations are never more then 2 clicks away. But behind several buttons are sequences of 2 to 4 animations, so there are actually a lot more animations inside the huds.

Wearable items

Included in every hud are a between 13 and 23 wearable items to compliment the animations, like different drinks, writing and reading material, a microphone, a cigarette, snacks and more.

Add your own animations

But it gets even better! You can personalize these huds, by creating new categories, adding your own favorite animations, making your own sequences and giving them names that you find easy and fitting.

Come and try the animations yourself at Dutchie Adult!

Or visit Dutchie on the Marketplace.

Romantic picnictent for girlfriends

Second Life picnic tent for girlfriends

Picnic animations like eating an apple

Girlfriends drinking tea in the picnic tent

Girlfriends cuddling

Lesbian kiss

Surprise your girlfriend with a long, lazy and romantic picnic in this charming little put together tent. It is changeable into 3 different colors and comes in 2 versions, pg and adult. Inside are auto attach and rezzing props like postcards, letters, food, teacups, nonalcoholic wine and more to entertain you both.

PG Version

The PG version has 27 couple animations designs for 2 women. A lot of these can be played solo as well and there are a few short sequences between the animations.

Adult lesbian version

The adult picnictent has 90 couple animations for 2 women: 30 picnic, lounge and cuddle animations, and 60 adult lesbian animations. The adult tent has 5 longer sequences and there are a few more shorter sequences hidden between the animations. There are 2 adult versions included, one has with an extra animation only accessible to a possible third sitter, a peeping male.

For an impression of the adult animations, please watch this video here.

Come and try the tents in world at Dutchie Furniture or Dutchie Adult!

Or visit Dutchie on the marketplace: PG picnictent or Adult picnictent.

Northseacoast beach cottages

Dutch beach cottages
A long row of beach cottages on a dutch beach in Second Life

A long row of beach cottages on a dutch beach on a picture in the Rijksmuseum

Second Life beach cottage from the inside out

Second Life beach cottages

The backside of the Second Life cottages

Dutchie's Northseacoast beach cottages are modeled after a picture by an anonymous photographer that captured a long row of cottages somewhere on a Dutch or German beach around 1900, the curtains blowing in the wind, people sitting and laying in front of them under a blistering sun.

There are 6 different versions of the beach cottage, each with a different set of curtains.


Each cottage can seat 2 avatars and has 2 times 7 single animations, 3 female and 3 male sitting animations and 1 peeping animation.

With each cottage a set of 3 decorative towels is included, as well as numberplate's 1 to 12, plus a blank plate, in case you want to make higher numbers or give your cabin your lucky number.

Fatpack with bonus cottage

The fatpack includes all 6 cottages plus an extra cottage without curtains. Also included are pre-made cottages 8 to 12, which are copies of cottages 1 to 5 with different numbers only.

The picture used as inspiration for the cottages is part of the Rijksmuseum collection.

Come see the beach cottages at Dutchie Homes! 

Or visit Dutchie on the Second Life Marketplace.

Animated floating life buoy for 2 plus decorative versions

Dutchie's animated life buoy can seat 2 avatars. The first can choose between 7 female and 7 male animations on the buoy. The second avatar can choose between 3 female and 3 male swimming animations. There is also 1 couple animation.

Drifts on the water

The animated lifebuoy slowly drifts on the water. The movement can be turned off and on in the menu.

The decorative life buoys come in 3 versions, one attached to a pole, one on a hook for on walls and a third laying on the ground.

Come and try it yourself at Dutchie!

Dutchie fireplace with blankets, pg or adult

Warm and inviting blankets in front of a large, earthy and understated antique stone fireplace, rare to be found in such great untouched condition. The fireplace was reclaimed from a farmhouse in the north of Belgium.

The fireplace blankets are warm and inviting in front of any fireplace, rustic or modern.

PG, adult and adult plus

They are changeable into 4 different fabrics, have about 10 auto attach and rezzing props like pencils, writing pads, tea mugs, laptops and phones, and are available in 3 versions: pg, adult and adult plus.

The fireplace and blankets are available exclusively at Shiny Shabby until  February 15.

After they will move to Dutchie furniture. The adult versions can be found at Dutchie adult.

Have fun at Shiny Shabby!

Dutchie at TLC: Tea dome De Vecht

From the 17th century, rich Amsterdam merchants fled the busy city to their country estates along the river De Vecht. It was a matter of status to build a tea dome, a small octagonal building with a domed roof and many large windows.

These cottages were build on the most beautiful spots near the river, well to be admired from the water. The owners enjoyed the view of all that happened on the river. And through the large windows, the passers watched the owners, drinking their costly tea in their delicate china cups.

Tea Dome De Vecht is available exclusively at The Liaison Collaborative for the duration of the event.

After the event, the tea dome moves to Dutchie in Second Life and the Second Life Marketplace.

More snow and a gift

Give your home a cozy winter look with these snow layers for Dutchie's park bench, street lantern and couple logs. Also available is a free square snow add-on, for tables, bridges and such.

All snow layers are available at Dutchie Homes and Dutchie Furniture and on the Second Life Marketplace (hit newest first)

 Have fun decorating!